Currently, Jordan and Lebanon are facing a huge influx of Syrian refugees. This had led to a massive challenge for local governments in both countries to maintain an adequate level of service delivery to both the host and refugee communities.

In order to support local governments in their response to this crisis, The Hague Academy (THA) is assisting the Government of Jordan in setting up a regional training institute for local governance, which will provide capacity building support to local governments on a wide variety of relevant themes, such as service delivery, local economic development and citizen participation.

Concretely, The Hague Academy – in close cooperation with VNG International and the International Development Center for the Innovative Local Governance (CILG) – is supporting the advancement of the institutional set-up, curriculum development, training of trainers, development of training materials, and delivery of pilot-training courses between 2015 to 2018.

THA’s support to the training institute for local governance is part of the broader Local Government Resilience Programme (LOGOReP), implemented by VNG International. The overall objective is to strengthen resilience at local government level in order to improve living conditions of the local population and refugees in host communities and refugee settlements in Jordan and Lebanon. This programme is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.