Talent for Governance is The Hague Academy’s talent programme. We provide practice oriented learning experiences to young, talented local government practitioners and support them in implementing community projects in their home country.

Talent for Governance only selects people who possess a strong motivation to make a difference for their citizens. The talent programme consists of a training course at The Hague Academy for Local Governance, an internship in a Dutch municipality and worldwide networking activities. Thereby, the young talents develop their knowledge and skills, learn from experiences elsewhere and build an international network. This helps them to deal with the challenges they face in their daily work. During the three-week programme, the talents work on the design of a project plan together with the trainers, experts and fellow participants. Back on the job they will do homework assignments and implement their project plan with the support of their employer and The Hague Academy.

Talent for Governance relies on the financial support of organisations and individuals who believe in the importance of good local governance. By means of their donations, they help strengthen the capacity of villages, cities and countries to improve services for their citizens and foster sustainable economic development.

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    (Please note that application for our 2017 Talent programme is now open. The deadline is 18 November 2016!)