We work with a dedicated group of international experts in different topics. They all have broad practical experience in their specific field of expertise in different parts of the world. Our experts are selected for their excellent capacity to link theory and concepts to the daily practice of the participants. These are amongst others:

Jamie Boex kldr. Jamie Boex
Jamie works as a senior research associate for our partner organisation in Washington, The Urban Institute. He has extensive experience in (fiscal) decentralisation and fiscal policy reforms in developing and transition countries such as Russia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malawi, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Uganda.



passport photo Irma

Irma Specht
As director of Transition International, Irma supports social and economic development in transition processes, with a special focus on vulnerable groups and gender. She has a broad international experience in vocational and business training, labour market analyses, small business set-up and private sector development.



foto Alfonso gekniptAlfonso Garcia Salaues
Alfonso is an all round specialist in decentralisation, local government and local economic development. In the past he held various management positions in the public sector in Bolivia. As technical expert for development programmes in various countries he advised a.o. on strengthening local government associations, decentralisation in rural areas, urban economic development and financing of water and sanitation.