20 August 2018

Nuffic Scholarships Now Available for 2019 Courses on Service Delivery, Citizen Participation and Anti-Corruption

A new application round for Nuffic OKP and MSP fellowships opens today. The deadline to apply for these funding opportunities for short courses at the Academy is 18 October 2018.


Recent Nuffic Scholars

You can apply for the following training courses:

  • Inclusive Service Delivery & the SDGs (18 – 29 March 2019)
    Local public services such as waste management, water access, and social services have a huge impact on our daily lives and well-being. This course discusses how different levels of government can cooperate effectively and involve citizens and the private sector to promote pro-poor local service delivery.
  • Citizen Participation and Inclusive Governance (8 – 19 April 2019)
    In this training course, participants will discuss ways to involve citizens – especially minorities and marginalised groups – to create a culture of inclusive governance.
  • Integrity and Anti-Corruption (17 – 28 June 2019)
    This course will help you to understand the drivers of corruption. You will strengthen your analytical skills and learn about the instruments necessary to develop integrity and anti-corruption policies and programmes in line with recent international initiatives, legislation and agreements.

The application deadline is 18 October 2018! If you are interested in participating in one of the above-mentioned training courses, then please check if you are eligible and apply as soon as possible.

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These fellowships are offered by The Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education (NUFFIC) as part of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP), and the MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP). The aim is to promote capacity building within organisations in eligible countries via training and education for professionals. This is initiated and (almost fully) funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the budget for development cooperation.