Minister of Justice, Ard van der Steur on the Importance of Integrity for Transparent Institutions

In his speech at the MATRA PATROL-reception last week, the Dutch Minister of Justice, Ard van der Steur, stressed the importance of anti-corruption and […]

28 April 2015

Training in the middle of political tensions in Burundi

Amongst others a training for state and non-state actors on extremely relevant topics in the current context: non-violent communication, mediation, negotiation and gender based violence.

How to Prevent Corruption and Increase Integrity

The report “Anti-Corruption Principles and Standards for Local Governance Systems” provides clear guidance as to how to prevent corruption at the local level and how to deal with it when it occurs.

23 April 2015

Albanian, Serbian and Turkish civil servants discussing public security

From 15-17 April, the senior civil servants from Albania, Serbia and Turkey came together in Ankara to exchange knowledge on issues of public security, human rights and integrity and anti-corruption.

17 April 2015

Lobby and advocacy strategies for diaspora organisations

This week ten people from different diaspora organisations learn how to design and implement a lobby and advocacy strategy. The participants orginally come from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, South-Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia.

16 April 2015

Last masterclass “Personal Leadership” in Palestine

Facilitators Freddy Sahinguvu and Ghada Zeidan handed out the certificates to the participants of the last masterclass “Personal Leadership” from the “Youth Public Leadership Academy” on Tuesday.

02 April 2015

Improving sanitation in Ghana with the help of the 5Cs

This training course in Ghana focussed on familiarising municipal sanitation officers with the 5C tool and explored how it might benefit their work.

24 March 2015

Results of our Gender Quiz

Interested in how you scored in our Gender Quiz or do you just want to see the results? See here the questions and the answers.

13 March 2015

8 March: International Women’s day..

Test your knowledge on gender equality now and do this short quiz.

06 March 2015

“Silence leads to distrust but discussion and dialogue leads to cooperation”

This said the Minister of youth in west equatorial state of South Sudan when he opened the second masterclass training of the Youth Public Leadership Academy.

25 February 2015

Improving leadership skills in DR Congo

The leaders of four different territories in the province of South Kivu in The Democratic Republic of Congo learned this week more about decentralisation and how to improve their leadership skills.

20 February 2015

Promoting Local Economic Development in Jordan

This week we had a meeting with the beneficiaries of a training programme that contributes to develop the organisational capacities of the Local Development Department of the Ministry of Interior and the Local Development Units in the Governorates.

19 February 2015

EU-partnerships with associations of local authorities

The European Commission has signed strategic partnerships with representatives of five of the main global and regional associations of local authorities, to achieve common objectives in matters of good governance and sustainable development at the local level.

30 January 2015