Alumni story: the journey to peace in Aceh

After almost two decades of peace, the Acehnese people still bear the burden of war. In the region of Aceh, it is young people […]

19 April 2021

Local action, the bedrock for sustainable peace

On the 24th of March, during the International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and the Dignity of […]

Music connects people, countries and cultures

To celebrate the end of our Shiraka Water Management training, we invited ‘Euon El Nouba’, a Nubian band from Egypt, to live stream a […]

15 April 2021

Final Conference: Promoting Integrity in Ukraine

On Tuesday 20 April from 13:00-14:30 (CET), The Hague Academy for Local Governance will organise the final conference of the programme Promoting integrity and […]

31 March 2021

Behind the scenes: online learning at The Hague Academy

Let’s talk about the work that goes into creating an online training programme. Due to the COVID-19 related safety measures, it has now been […]

25 February 2021

The impact of COVID-19 on accountability and participation in local governance

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, governments at different levels introduced unprecedented measures to reduce the spread of the virus. Although the crisis’ impact has […]

24 February 2021

What would you do? Addressing moral dilemmas and integrity at work with Henk Bruning

We interviewed Henk Bruning, renowned international integrity expert and trainer in our Integrity and Anti-corruption course. He tells us what inspired him to work […]

Support for Newly Elected Women Leaders in Burundi

Newly elected women leaders in Burundi joined our workshop on inclusive governance. The workshop was the closing activity of the Every Voice Counts (EVC) programme in […]

Alumni Story: Strengthening Water Governance in Water Abundant Bhutan

Bhutan is known to be water abundant. Yet, lack of access to this vital resource remains one of the most pressing issues across the […]

Guidebook: Building safe communities

The Hague Academy, VNG International and Flag developed a detailed and practical guidebook to help municipalities and local communities jointly address everyday safety and […]

14 December 2020

Making Every Voice Count through Inclusive Governance

The Hague Academy has played a vital role in improving local authorities’ responsiveness, accountability and capacity to deliver inclusive governance within the ‘Every Voice […]

07 December 2020

Impact award for alumna Dahiana Manjarrés

An Orange Knowledge Impact Award is awarded to programme participants who set change in motion and create impact by involving and engaging other people. […]

04 December 2020

Alumni Story: Supporting decentralisation in Albania

Over the last 30 years, Albania has transitioned into a democratic society, putting new policies in place, building democratic institutions and making considerable progress […]

03 December 2020