Lessons learned from peace activities

Staff from CARE offices in Burundi, South Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan and Somalia attended training sessions on human rights, gender and conflict resolution, and exchanged lessons learned from the projects.

27 May 2016

Two talents participate in Citizen Participation course

Maggie from Peru and Erkinbek from Kyrgyzstan will be the first two talents of our Talent for Governance programme this year. They will be participating in our training course Citizen Participation‬ and Inclusive Governance.

20 May 2016

Study visit on local security for Albanian representatives

The participants learned more about the Dutch security system and the cooperation between municipalities and the emergency services.

26 April 2016

Disaster simulation in Serbia

Members of Emergency Situation Headquarters of the Municipality of Kladovo in Serbia participated in a disaster simulation in which they had to formulate response to a complex combination of a large forest fire and a tragic bus accident.

01 April 2016

Joint learning event on Fragility, Decentralisation and Local Governance

“The wealth of knowledge and the diversity of perspective and organisations made this course exceptionally interesting and rewarding”, said Hanne Kristoffersen who works for UNDP’s Bureau for Policy and Programme Support.

15 March 2016

Test your knowledge about gender equality…

On 8 March we celebrate International Women’s Day. You can now test your knowledge about gender equality by doing this short quiz.

08 March 2016

Review Citizen Participation and Inclusive Governance 2015

  Turiyah Bakri, Working for ParePare Municipality in Indonesia. Participated in the training Citizen Participation and Inclusive Governance in 2015. “The practical and active approach […]

07 March 2016

Review Matra South Local Governance 2014

  Mohammad Al Zawahreh, Working for Zarqa Municipality Unit in Jordan. Participated in the training Matra South Local Governance in 2014 “The negotiation exercises […]

Review Local Economic Development 2016

  Ali Al-Agri, Working for UNDP in Yemen Participated in the training Local Economic Development in January 2016 “I will always recommend this training […]

29 February 2016

Enriching and overwhelming experiences during LED training

The participants went home satisfied and full of new ideas. According to them the main strength of the programme was that it covered a wide variety of topics and it showed how they are interlinked. The next LED training will take place in September 2016.

01 February 2016

Promoting local security and conflict prevention in Indonesia

A delegation from the Indonesian Coordination Ministry for Politics, Justice and Security learned more on how to address conflicts between different groups in society and promote social cohesion.

21 January 2016

Participatory policy making in Zimbabwe

Together with local partners, The Hague Academy facilitated a training this week for representatives from local authorities and NGOs in Zimbabwe. Participants discussed how they can motivate and involve citizens.

27 November 2015

LED training for Palestinian municipalities

Twenty-five representatives of various Palestinian municipalities as well as the Palestinian Ministry of Local Government attended a five-day training on Local Economic Development in Amman.

06 August 2015