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Summercourse: Local Governance & Localising the SDGs

Face to Face: 28/06 - 02/07

Course Introduction: Decentralisation is an instrument to achieve development. In this course, participants will learn how decentralisation contributes to inclusive economic growth. The course […]

18 March 2020

Training courses on Peacebuilding, Decentralization and Local Government in South Sudan

In 2010 and 2011, The Hague Academy gave two trainings on Peacebuilding, Decentralization and Local Government in South Sudan. The general objective of the […]

20 May 2019

Decentralisation, Gender and Peacebuilding 2016

In 2016, The Hague Academy conducted three three-day trainings in Burundi. The programme involved the design and implementation of three trainings a) Decentralisation, Public […]

03 May 2019

Aid Effectiveness, Decentralisation & Local Governance 2012

The project delivered of two training workshops in 2012: a four-day workshop in Bern, Switzerland (41 participants) and a three-day training workshop in Mozambique […]

01 May 2019

Decentralisation for EU-accession countries 2012-2015

In the period of 2012 to 2015, The Hague Academy was responsible for the design, delivery and monitoring and evaluation of 4 eight-day training […]

19 March 2019

Fragility, Decentralisation and Local Governance 2015

The overall objective of this three-day open course on fragility, decentralisation and local governance was to enable a structured exchange of information, experiences, lessons […]

14 March 2019

Bappennas Decentralisation Indonesia 2017

The aim of the course was to provide a group of participants from the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs with general knowledge on local […]

01 March 2019

Sikkim Decentralisation and LED 2016

Description: Located in the Himalayan mountains and bordered by Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, the Indian state of Sikkim is a special region. A state […]

Shiraka Local Governance Algeria 2018

Decentralisation has become a key priority in Algeria. In recent years, a new “Code Communal et de Wilaya” has sought to empower local government […]

27 February 2019

Shiraka Local Governance

This Shiraka programme course is designed for civil servants working in the field of local governance. It aims to share knowledge and skills enabling […]

Local Governance & Localising the SDGs

Face to Face: 30/11 - 04/12

Course Introduction: In 2015, world leaders agreed on a new agenda for achieving global sustainable development by 2030. Local governments are key actors for […]

10 February 2019

Past training: Summercourse: Localising the SDGs

Face to Face: 01/07 - 05/07

Course Introduction: In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, these global goals need to be translated into local realities. Moreover, […]

22 April 2018

Financing Local Climate Action

Cities in the U.S. reaffirmed their commitment to addressing climate change and implementing adaptation policies despite President Trump’s recent announcement to abandon the Paris […]

06 June 2017