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Africities Summit: The Transition to Sustainable Cities and Territories

The Hague Academy took part in the 2018 Africities conference in Marrakesh, Morocco. Organized every three years, the 8th edition of the conference took […]

Sharing Lessons from the Tunisian Experience on Decentralisation and Local Governance

What are the challenges of decentralisation in the MENA region? This was a core question during the four-day intensive training in Hammamet, Tunisia. Incorporating […]

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The Hague Academy offers four distinct newsletters to help keep you informed about our news and training programmes. Our Bi-monthly Newsletter highlights the Academy’s recent activities […]

Dutch-Algerian Cooperation on Local Government

On the 9th of May, the Dutch and Algerian Ministers of Foreign Affairs signed a cooperation agreement on trade, migration, security and local government.  One of the […]

Video: About The Hague Academy for Local Governance

Good governance at a local level is crucial to progress and development. However, local authorities around the globe too often face barriers when providing […]

Civil Servants from the MENA Region Working on Long-term Social Affairs and Employment Plans

Last week, The Hague Academy and partner CILG facilitated the second and final part of the Shiraka ‘Social Affairs & Employment’ training in Hammamet, […]

Training civil servants from the MENA region

The past 2 months we hosted two training courses on social affairs & employment and local governance for civil servants working in Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The courses are part of the Shiraka programme for Arab Countries, an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherland.

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The Hague Academy organizes multi-annual and on-demand trainings. These include, but are not limited to, exposure visits, e-learning courses and trainings of trainers. The […]