Atem Oben Henry Ekpeni

My work for the city of Tiko City
“In my work, I’m responsible for the coordination of project design and community participation in the management of city affairs.”

Experiences in The Netherlands
“The training part was perfect even though not all aspects of local service delivery was touched on. The curriculum however was generic and could be used for all other aspects. Much of the ideas were new and the sharing experiences with other participants were great. The theory and practical part of the training can be customised to my local context to achieve our goals”

“I lack words to express how satisfied I was with the welcome, coordination and assistance accorded to my internship in Steenwijkerland Municipality. The programme for the internship matched my interests and I indeed had all I needed as knowledge. The working environment was great and my host family was excellent. I wish I had
more time to spend.”

Back-Home-Action Plan
“In my application for this programme, I submitted a proposed plan for a sustainable, participatory and effective garbage/waste collection and disposal policy in Tiko, involving every citizen and institution in the form of a Community Ownership Scheme that will eventually reduce deaths and family income used for health problems. I’m glad that this programme on Local Service Delivery has given me tools and information to better implement a Back-Home-Action plan to achieve the goals of the project.”

“The three most important things I will take back to my municipality:

1. A need for a change of the Institutional framework to ensure performance-based participatory approaches
2. Participatory planning and budgeting of priority development projects
3. Participatory M & E and reporting”

“The success of my training and internship was shared with my Mayor on daily basis. The knowledge acquired will enhance not only my individual performance but all the efficiency and effectiveness of the department I manage.”

Year of participation 2012
Age 30
Job description City Chief of Projects and participatory Development
Local government Tiko City Coucil
Country Cameroon
Talent programme Local Service Delivery & MDG's
Internship municipality Steenwijkerland municipality

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