Benjamin Asaah

My work for Birim municipality

“Birim Central Municipal District, widely known for its ‘Big tree’ which is believed to be the biggest in West Africa, is located in the southwestern corner of the Eastern Region.”

“I assist in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of development policies, programmes and projects in the municipality. I also assist the Municipal Economic Planning Officer to coordinate donor-funded projects.”

“I was very pleased to be selected for this Talent Programme on Local Economic Development because it will enable me to gain knowledge and understanding in my professional career. To become more effective and efficient to help improve the revenue mobilisation to reduce the municipal overdependence on the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) and to create employment.”

“One of the major problems I would like to tackle together with my colleagues at the municipality is the decreasing rate of revenue mobilisation due to leakages of revenue”.

Experience in the Netherlands

“The field visits during the training course and internship, have added value and gave a realistic image next to the theory learnt in the training course.”

“During the internship in the municipality of Westland, I found it very interesting to experience the open system of planning with the strategic department linking with other departments for goals achievement. Furthermore, it was interesting to see the strong linkages between primary and secondary industries and the local government which were very well established.”

Back-Home-Action plan

“The Talent programme will, of course, enhance my own career development, but more crucially it will help the municipality to deliver practical solutions to development challenges. The programme has given me clear ideas on how a municipality can create circumstances to support young entrepreneurs and pull resources to stimulate the local economic development.”

“I have already developed a database with all the contacts I made via this programme and ideas for interactions via Facebook, LinkedIn and of course the online Talent Network (!), all to sustain the spirit of sharing of information and experiences!”

Year of participation 2012
Age 35
Job description Assistent officer Economic Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
Local government Birim Central Municipality
Country Ghana
Talent programme Local Economic Development
Internship municipality Westland municipality

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