Cecilia de Michele

My work for the Municipality
My job is to provide technical support to the department Environment of the Municipality of Rosario. I work with middle and senior management on Parks, Innovation and Environmental Quality, Waste Management and Urban Sanitation. I research and design policy options, trying to guarantee compatibility between administrative decisions and social inclusion.

Experience in the Netherlands
The training course was interesting and useful, combining theoric and practical exercises. Also, it included different approaches and topics. Also, it was very nice to listen to the presentations of my colleagues to hear about their experiences.

The internship was really interesting. To experience a different working culture makes it that I want to ask questions about my own working culture and I try to improve it. All the colleagues we met from the municipalities were interested to exchange experiences. And our host family was great! That experience alone was useful to know the culture and points of view of the local Dutch people.

Back Home Action plan
My BHAP looks for a strategy to “open dumpsites”, transforming them into pocket parks, creating new public spaces.

How? By involving communities (the neighbours have to decide what they want for these sites), monitoring parks with civil organizations (watchdogs), increasing the control to prevent illegal dumping (companies and factories) and creating a section in the website to show the changes & report. For the first year, the objective is to clean and transform the 25%.

My first BHAP was about “cartoneros”. The idea to form a Public-Private Partnership is going on with this project, but it is such a big project and not completely within my sphere of influence. That is why I have selected another tópic within waste management issues. The course and internship gave me inputs for this project.

Year of participation 2016
Age 31
Occupation Planning Coordinator of the department of Environment
Local Government Municipality of Rosario
Country Argentina
Talent programme Local Service Delivery & SDG’s
Internship Municipalities of Hoorn, Medemblik and SED (StedeBroec, Enkhuizen en Drechterland)

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