Christopher Kabagambe

My work in Kasese Municipal Council
Kasese Municipality is a young municipality therefore we still have a wide range of challenges ranging from knowledge gaps to financial constraints; all impacting negatively on the levels of service delivery to the population.

The Talent for local governance Programme is one way of bridging the knowledge gaps; not only with the theme “local service delivery and MDGs’’ (Millennium Development Goals) but also with other themes that are relevant to service delivery to the people or communities which is the core reason for the existence of local governments. This is to bring effective, efficient and equitable services nearer to the people to better their living conditions.

Experiences in the Netherlands

” The training course was perfect! A new idea which I thought was inspiring was the ‘Ladder Lensink approach’!”

” I enjoyed the hospitality of the staff at Zwolle during my internship, the reception of his worship the Mayor and the cordial discussion. All the staff were very cooperative and willing to mentor me and share information with me. My host family; the Erik Family; very hospitable and caring.”

“The internship fitted well with my interest in a ‘hands-on’ experience. We visited the fire department, the water board as well as the waste company ROVA. I also got to know more about participatory policies within the municipality.”

Back Home Action Plan
The three most important points from my back-home-action plan:

1. Vision: To put in place functional solid waste committees in one ward to enhance community involvement and participation in solid waste management by December 2013.
2. What I want to change: The les -affair attitude (municipality will do it for us); and indiscriminate waste.
3. Output: In the end, we will have a cleaner town, more manure produced for food production and more incomes to
the families.

My goal is a poverty-free, green and clean city by 2025!

Update August 2016

Christopher still works for Kasese Municipal Council. He remembers the talent programme very well. The modules on Solid waste management; Theory and Practices worldwide and Gender Mainstreaming in Local Service Delivery were most noteworthy. Of course also the internship visit to the City of Zwolle, where the most interesting and important aspect was the hospitality of the people of the Netherlands. Live alone the lessons learned there like the boost in solid waste management, the Irado Practice, Integrated City Planning -the Netherlands Model, Fire management and risk control.

Halfway into the implementation of my Back Home Action plan, my Town Clerk or the Chief Executive of the Municipality picked serious interest and lobbied the Dutch Municipalities and the VNG for Support. Since 2013 we are working hand in hand with VNG International in this field of Solid waste management and myself as the Municipal Project Focal Point Officer.

I am currently still employed by Kasese Municipal Council and through the knowledge, I acquired from the Academy, my Council has benefited a lot. Kasese is now a much cleaner clean town than it was before, the people have been mobilised and are willingly participating in solid waste activities by sorting and storing their waste until it is picked by municipal vehicles. We are producing compost from garbage which the Municipal Council sells to small scale farmers to produce food for their families and in town.

I am very happy and grateful for the dignity my staff and community gives me because of the success of this Keep Kasese Clean Sanitation Project. However, my greatest ambition is to enhance my technical knowledge and qualifications to match the demands of the changing world.

Year of Participation 2012
Age 36
Occupation Senior Health Inspector
Local Government Kasese Municipal Council
Country Uganda
Talentprogramme Local Service Delivery & MDG's
Internship Municipalty Municipality of Zwolle

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