Daniel Kiracho Othieno

My work for Lira District Local Government
“Lira District counts approximately 390.000 inhabitants and is located in the north of Uganda. Massive migration occurred in 2002 when the “Lord’s resistance army” was active in the region. The situation stabilised in 2006 and more than 300.000 people returned to their homes.”

“I work as Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Coordinator and my responsibilities are: to support the Chief Administrative Officer to develop relief plans in the event of emergencies, to ensure all humanitarian and development partner interventions are well-coordinated and to participate in the monitoring of programme activities through review of progress and financial reports.”

Experiences in The Netherlands
“The training course “Climate Change and Sustainable Local Development” was very useful and applicable to my work. Climate change greatly contributes to disasters in Uganda, such as flooding and droughts. We need to concentrate on the causes of climate change.”

“My internship at Municipality of Steenwijkerland learned me a lot about the sanitation process in The Netherlands. The garbage collection by ROVA in the municipality was very interesting and inspiring. The community is sanitised through this organisation. Once collected, garbage is sorted and some are taken to recycling. Another thing that inspired me was the meeting with community volunteers. The volunteers shared their community action plan with me and the members of the Municipal Council.”

Back Home Action Plan
“Our central government does little for the development of local governance. Civil servants, working for local government, have less authority and their competence has been limited. I would like to transform knowledge, experience and best practices gained in The Netherlands into the local situation. Moreover, our local community should become aware of the risks of climate change and understand all the dangers of it. The new Presidential elections in 2012 may change the Lira district. There is a need for a “District Town Hall Platform” to be convened every quarter where district Councilors and technical staff can exchange knowledge and ideas.”

Year of participation 2011
Age 37
Job description Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Coordinator
Local government Lira District Local Government
Country Uganda
Talent programme Climate Change & Sustainable Local Development
Internship municipality Municipality of Steenwijkerland

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