Dickson Baidoo

My work for Bia District
“The decentralisation policy in Ghana has resulted in the creation of 170 Local Administrations called Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies. As a District Development Planning Officer, I am in charge of the formation of development programmes and projects. We develop Development Plans as well as Action Plans. Next to that, we advise the assembly on coordinating and monitoring. We also act as a Liaison office for NGOs and private sector entities in the district. The basic planning function for the District Assembly is the provision of basic socio-economic infrastructural facilities in the areas of health, education, water, sanitation, roads, etc.”

Experiences in The Netherlands
“As part of the Talent for Governance programme I was able to follow the training course ‘Local Service Delivery & MDGs’ from The Hague Academy for Local Governance. The training course was in line with my function in service of the Bia District Assembly and will go a long way to benefit the assembly in its quest to harness local resources to improve the lives of the local people and achieve the MDGs in 2015.”

“During my short internship at the municipality of Huizen, I got intrigued by several municipal management aspects like the transport systems, the beautiful road network and the system of waste collection. Further, the interaction process between the municipality and the citizens was very interesting. The openness of the civil servants was very inspiring.”

Back Home Action Plan
“The impact of the Talent for Governance programme within my District Assembly will be much seen or felt in my day to day work. It will strengthen my work in the areas of efficient and effective local service delivery, transparent and accountable revenue generation, project design that reflects the local conditions and needs of the citizens and the creation of a conducive atmosphere for public-private partnerships to benefit the poor. At the end of the talent programme, I was asked to write down 3 key points that I am taking home with me. That was a challenge because I have learned so much that I couldn’t stop at three!”

Year of participation 2010
Age 30
Job description District Development Officer
Local government Bia District
Country Ghana
Talent programme Local Service Delivery & MDG's
Internship municipality Municipality of Huizen

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