Doto Mgasa

My work as a community development officer in Babati
“As a community development officer, I spend more than 80% of my time in mostly rural areas. Almost 83 % of the population in Babati district depends on agriculture and are rural dwellers.”

“Most widows in Babati district are facing great challenges concerning food security as they lost their primary source of daily bread when their husbands died; in addition to this problem, most of these families have at least 7 children who depend on their mothers for food and other basic needs. The impact of climate change has resulted in a great fall on agricultural produce, yet the production of chicken on a small scale does offer potential successes.”

Talent programme
” I found the training course very interesting, but perhaps the most exciting was the internship at the municipality of Huizen. There I visited a chicken farm, which was very technically advanced, much more than we can implement at home of course, but it was a source of inspiration!”

“I was very much impressed by the way the citizens in the Netherlands have so much trust in their government. And the other way around the way the government tries to involve their citizens during the planning of community projects.”

Back-Home-Action Plan
“My Back-Home-Action plan was focused on the objective to increase food security for households headed by widows through a chicken rearing business project. The project aims to create a sense of entrepreneurship to ensure the household can afford the required basic needs. The district council can offer the framework for this project.”

Since September I have been given the opportunity to study for my Master’s Degree in International Development Studies at Wageningen University!

Year of participation 2012
Age 30
Job description Community Development Officer
Local Government Babati District Council
Country Tanzania
Talent programme Citizen Participation & Accountability
Internship municipality Municipality of Huizen

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