Erkinbek Kamalov

My work for the municipality of Massy
In my work for municipal Massy, I have three main tasks. First of all, I am responsible for the contacts between the municipality and NGOs, civil society and international donor organizations. Secondly, I try to mobilize the community to actively participate in decision making at village and district levels, and the projects implemented by the municipality. Thirdly, I assist a department to organise consultation meetings on the municipal budget and involve women and young people in the budgeting process.

Experience in the Netherlands
During the training, I learned a lot about citizen participation and inclusive governance. The Dutch experts looked at the theme from different angles. Most interesting I found the social response mechanisms and use of the media.

My stay in Gemert – Bakel municipality was fascinating and useful. It was remarkable to see how officials are trying, and also succeed to stimulate the involvement of citizens here and to offer space to the citizens, also without leading the process. I was impressed by their work with disabled residents of the municipality in which the emphasis lies on the integration of these people into the community. They involve people with dissabilities and the elderly, by offering them volunteer work to also boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. I also found the use of organisations in the municipality, such as the library, the archives, gardens, farms and church, pub very inspiring. We also have an archive and museum, but I never realised that these places are ideal for neighbourhood meetings for instance.

Back-Home-Action Plan
In several districts of Kyrgyzstan, groups of marginalised women have united to stand against corrupt practices of officials in the state postal company. In this case, they started their own parallel post service for which they charge monthly care services for retirees. An interesting case study, which I would love to copy in our own municipality, and help make it possible for women to organise this payment of retirement themselves.

Year of participation 2016
Age 36
Occupation Mobilisation officer
Local Government Masy (also Massy) Local Government
Country Kyrchyzstan
Talent programme Citizen Participation & Inclusive Governance
Internship Municipality of Gemert - Bakel

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