Joseph Zulu

My work for Ndola City Council
“Ndola is the second-largest city in Zambia with a population of around 375.000 people. The new economical and social changes have occurred in this region after the liberation in the early nineties. My responsibilities are to monitor and evaluate budget and project planning, to manage the multidiscipline team. All of these involve aspects of leadership and management. As a manager, I have ascended to my current position because of my technical abilities as an Urban Planner and GIS Specialist.”

Experience in The Netherlands
“The content of the training course “Leadership and Municipal Management”, enhanced my managerial skills. I gained a lot of ideas in the fields of citizen participation and e-service delivery.”

“The programme at the Hague Municipality was well arranged and I benefited a lot from the interactions both at a professional- and personal level.”

Back Home Action Plan
“The management team of Ndola City Council was very enthusiastic and has already approved the E-governance project. A pilot project has already been implemented with plans to scale up in the upcoming years.”

Year of participation 2011
Age 37
Job description Urban Planner/GIS specialist
Local government Ndola City Council
Country Zambia
Talent programme Municipal Leadership and Management
Internship municipality Municipality of The Hague

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