Mahesh Baral

My work for the DDC in Gorkha
” In my office, I am responsible for implementing the policies and decisions taken by DDC Council, Board and by the Chairman. On top of that, I prepare the agendas for the Board and Council meetings. Additionally, being a development coordinator in the district, I coordinate with all the development related offices. Furthermore, in close coordination with I/NGOs and the association of private entrepreneurs, I facilitate the local economic development process of the district. Most of such committees are chaired by the Chairman of DDC. As I am also functioning the role of the Chairman, my performance is vital for policy coordination, synchronising the investment, quality enhancement, improve the service delivery system and for the overall development of Gorkha district.”

Experiences in the Netherlands
“I got a lot of insight about Local Economic Development, possible strategies and challenges. Of course al the theory and practice are applicable to our region as well.”

“Hoorn has extended much hospitality to me and I am delighted to have visited Hoorn. My accommodation at a guest family was excellent, it was far better than any hotel could ever offer! It was all perfectly planned and organised.”

Back-Home-Action Plan
” I got the opportunity to learn many things by visiting different places and people. The decision-making process in the council meeting was interesting to see as it is technically sound. In addition, we can borrow their model using the Leisure board in our region in order to obtain regional cooperation in the promotion of tourism.”

Year of participation 2013
Age 38
Occupation Local Development Officer
Local Government District Development Committee in Gorkha
Country Nepal
Talentprogramme Local Economic Development
Internship municipality Municipality of Hoorn

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