Nchimunya J. Haambote

My work for Mambwe District Council
“When I came across this Talent programme online, I felt this way a great opportunity to meet other young civil servants from across the world and learn from each other. Especially in light of the rural water supply and sanitation programmes in my district ending in two years, and the fact that capacities of local communities and council are not build-up to the levels that they can sustain themselves after these programmes end.”

“Mambwe is a rural valley district in the Eastern Province of Zambia. It is a relatively new district, with a lot of underdeveloped infrastructures, making the delivery of services very challenging. Most people in the rural areas get their water from wells, streams or the Luangwa River. In most cases, such water is very unclean and thus unsafe. Also, the pit latrines in rural areas often cause problems due to poor construction and they tend to submerge and collapse when floods occur which poses a health risk.”

Experiences in The Netherlands and Back-Home-Action plan
“The programme was very intensive but included many practical case studies and exchanges with other civil servants. The three-layer approach in integrated water resource management, the urban agriculture ideas and climate change adaptation policies could be integrated into our planning, but before this, a lot of changes still need to happen first in our institutions. The internship in Meppel, though it was short, gave me the opportunity to see many of the theory being applied in practice.”

Year of participation 2011
Age 35
Job description Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Coordinator
Local government Mambwe District Council
Country Zambia
Talent programme Climate Change & Sustainable Local Development
Internship municipality Municipality of Meppel

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