Oleksandra Sladkova

Local Economic Development (LED)

My work for the City Institute
“The City Institute explores and studies the best international experience for its further implementation in Lviv city development, supports the process of involving citizens in issues of local importance. The three priorities of City Institute projects are Good Governance, Quality of Life in the City and Local Economic Development. I`m the project manager of the International Cooperation Program of City Institute. The aim of my job is to explore potential municipal projects, then to raise resources for it, to create a consortium of partners and finally to implement the projects into becoming the reality.”

Experiences in the Netherlands
“The LED course made me understand my everyday work more deeply. The course was constructed to be useful for people of different levels of ‘LED knowledge’. It’s my job to be full of ideas, and after this programme, I’m full of new ideas! And those ideas origin not only from the training course, but from also from the intercultural interactions during the whole programme, from my observations in the Netherlands, and from my visit to Huizen municipality.”

” The 3 days of internship in Huizen were very useful. I liked that every day was planned with meetings with local government employees of all levels, from Mayor to sectoral experts. I was pleased that I succeeded not only to “take” experience but also to give some feedback about the municipality and to make some “advises” in the ways of development as an attraction for tourists.”

Back-Home-Action Plan
“I`ve made a note on my LinkedIn account about the LED Talent Programme of the Hague Academy and mentioned as present the project for which I`ve developed a plan during the internship: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/oleksandra-sladkova/32/161/414″

“I`ve already presented my BHAP to my Team leader and to the Director of my department. They`ve made their comments and suggestions and made me join a special working group on publishing cluster development.”

Year of participation 2013
Age 27
Occupation Project manager international cooperation programme
Local Government City Institute, Lviv City Council
Country Ukraine
Talentprogramme Local Economic Development (LED)
Internship municipality Municipality of Huizen

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