Panji Winarno

My work for the municipality of Cimahi
“The municipality of Cimahi carries a heavy responsibility on its shoulders. As a medium-sized city located in West Java, Cimahi is densely populated and natural resources are scarce. Local services, such as the sanitation system or waste management, only reach 60% of the population. In the upcoming years, the municipality even has to deal with the threat of diminishing coverage. The Talent for Governance programme on ‘Local Service Delivery & MDGs’ therefore came exactly at the right moment for me. The training course was one of the most complete and comprehensive courses I ever participated in.”

Experiences in the Netherlands
“Throughout the training course, I got the chance to explore new tools, ideas and techniques to improve our service delivery system. Subsequently, the field visits and the internship at the municipality of Steenwijkerland provided me with the possibility to exchange ideas with colleagues in the Netherlands. I believe that this form of knowledge transfer is the key to successful innovations in the future! Back home I discussed some important points with the head of the department. We have not yet decided on which points we will focus on. At this moment the municipality of Cimahi does not possess the capacity to carry all the necessary responsibilities on its own. For this reason, I think that developing a system of private-public partnerships is an important point for the near future.”

Back Home Action Plan
“In November 2011 Panji has been transferred to Municipality of West Bandung, a big city. Panji currently holds the position of Head of Spatial Planning Division in the Human Settlement and Spatial Management Department. The knowledge I gained during the Talent programme has given me new insights and ideas on how the public service delivery is being conducted in other countries.”

“After I came back to Indonesia, I made some reports to the Major of Cimahi City and made some presentations to the human resources department and other officials.”

“For this reason, it is interesting and important to share ideas and experiences with colleague civil servants from all over the world. Of course, most young civil servants already gained a lot of knowledge and tools during their studies. Nevertheless, the Talent for Governance programme and its network provides (young) civil servants with another new perspective which can be added to our already existing development mindset.”

Year of participation 2010
Age 33
Occupation Development Programmes & Budget planner
Local Government Municipality Cimahi, West Java
Country Indonesia
Talentprogramme Local Service Delivery & MDG's
Internship municipality Steenwijkerland

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