Siti Patimah

My work for the city of Balikpapan
“Balikpapan City is a harbour city that counts approximately 500.000 inhabitants and is located on the east coast of Borneo. This area is rich in raw materials, such as timber and petroleum. Petroleum is the most important source of income for the region.”

“I work as the Urban Planner at the Urban Planning and Housing Department of Balikpapan city. In my function I engage in the planning, advising and guiding of land use management. I look at the technical aspects of permits and make sure that they are in line with environmental policies and the land capacity.”

Experiences in The Netherlands
” I have learned about approaches and new ideas which are applicable to my municipality after attending the training course “Climate Change and Sustainable Local Development”. Such things, as who has to pay to the water boards, communication and stakeholder involvement in water management, multiple uses of space have become clear to me. Some pilot projects from water platform Haaglanden have inspired me to advise my city Council to develop bank zones along the riverside as an ecological zone and make a shift towards ‘eco city’ planning.”

“My internship at the Environmental department of Municipality of Groningen was intense as well. I have learned about the municipality’s environmental policy and visited a ground sanitation location at Europark. Moreover, Municipality of Groningen is building new areas with complete facilities and utilities to attract people to live and practice business there.”

“I took part in a Network activity together with Jong Den Haag, the network of young civil servants working for the municipality of The Hague. I have learned from our meeting with Dutch young civil servants is that they share information freely among departments and there is a lot of teamwork.”

Back Home Action Plan
“My ambition is to prepare five project proposals for my City Council and try to implement them in the nearest future. I shall share my knowledge, new ideas, concepts and strategies that I gained through the Talent for Governance programme. I would like to apply my knowledge to develop ‘eco-zones’ along riverbanks, to encourage public-private partnerships. I want to try to neutralise the damage that has already been done to the environment as much as I can. Citizen participation is very important for the sustainable development of the region. This programme has helped me to find the answers on how to involve community working together towards ‘eco-city’.”

Year of participation 2011
Age 26
Job description Urban Planner
Local government Balikpapan city
Country Indonesia
Talent programme Climate Change & Sustainable Local Development
Internship municipality Municipality of Groningen

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