Stephen Molathlegi

My work for the district
I work as a Project Officer in the Poverty Eradication Programme. My role as a Poverty Eradication Project Officer is to implement the programme by facilitating the establishment of small enterprises or income-generating projects for the economic empowerment of people from disadvantaged communities for improved and sustained livelihoods.

Experience in the Netherlands
The lessons learnt during the training course on developing the LED strategy were interesting for me because we don’t have a LED strategy in my country.
I also enjoyed the site visits, learning how municipalities collaborate with different stakeholders to improve the economic livelihoods of the inhabitants.

My internship at the municipalities of Steenwijkerland and Meppel in my view focused more on cultural exchange. I got to learn about the way in which the Dutch people live and we visited the cultural heritage site of Giethoorn. The most interesting visit from a LED perspective was to a company that employed people with special needs – and this company was also very much supported by the community.

Back-Home-Action Plan

I have made some modifications to my initial back home action plan. When I applied I wanted to make a self-help association that will connect people with small to medium enterprises so that they share skills and ideas on how they can make their businesses more competitive. Now I have learned that for the association to be stronger and more impactful it will be good if we collaborate with other stakeholders like NGO`S and private companies that will offer training and mentoring.

Year of participation 2016
Age 25
Occupation Project officer (Poverty Eradication Programme)
Local Government Kweneng district
Country Botswana
Talent programme Local Economic Development
Internship Municipalities of Meppel and Steenwijkerland

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