Unati Daniels

My work for Cacadu District

“The Cacadu district is located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. the province covers a very big territory and inhabits 6,5 million people. It also includes the two big cities Nelson Mandela Bay ( Port Elisabeth) and Buffalo City ( East London). Cacadu District itself inhabits around 400.000 people. It is a very rural district. Only 2% of the area is urban.”

“The programme wil help me to get to know more about several issues which align with our key priorities (like capacity building and citizen participation). I would like to obtain more skills in project management. this will help me during my daily job. In this way, I can better support my community.”

Experiences in The Netherlands
“From the programme, the experts and other participants I have learned new insights in the field”

Year of participation 2011
Age 34
Job description Manager Capacity Building and Support
Local government Cacadu District
Country South Africa
Talent programme Municipal Leadership and Management
Internship municipality Province of Drenthe

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