Zulkifli Hamid

My work for Lhokseumawe municipality
“Lhokseumawe has the highest unemployment rate among all districts and cities within the province of Aceh. The unemployment rate is 14%, which means that about 21,675 people are unemployed. In order to fight unemployment and reduce the poverty level of our municipality, the local governments need to develop a sound local economic development strategy, in which we will have to determine which economic sectors have the potential for the future. There are however only a few experts. My participation in the Talent for Governance was a great opportunity for my municipality to build capacity under its employees in the field of local economic development.”

Experiences in The Netherlands
“The Talent for Governance programme, including the training course at The Hague Academy for Local Governance and the internship at the municipality of Meppel, has been very beneficial for me and my municipality. This extraordinary programme in many ways broadened my horizon on how to organise local economic development for the future.”

Back Home Action Plan
“My professional goal for the future is to strengthen the capacity for regional development. We will have to create a system that is participatory, sustainable, holistic, open and democratic. This is only possible if we cooperate with various local stakeholders and promote national and international investment in local small-medium enterprises. Thanks to the course, I now know how to implement a stakeholder analysis. Next to this, I learned that we also have to focus on the citizens. We have to change the public perceptions and make sure people are aware that local economic development is depending on collective action.”

Zulkifli wrote two articles (in Indonesian) about his participation in the Talent for Governance Programme in the daily newspaper in Aceh.

Update (2012)
“Zulkifli has been busy doing his work for the Aceh Development and Planning Agency (BAPPEDA province Aceh, Indonesia). He is the project leader of a project in cooperation with UNDP. He actually has just also published a news article on the research on the Logistical Performance Index for Aceh which he conducted! He also is active in a local NGO promoting democracy in a programme which is sponsored by the Dutch NIMD!”

“I have transferred my experience from the Talent programme to the forum of the local government unit (SKPD) in the city of Lhokseumawe, BABBEDA, NGO’s and the media.”

“One of the major changes in Aceh is that the province is developing a social security system in the health field, where every citizen of Aceh could use the free health facility in the scheme, called the Health Insurance Aceh (JKA).”

Year of participation 2010
Age 28
Job description Local Development Planning Board Member
Local government Municipality of Lhokseumawe
Country Aceh, Indonesia
Talent programme Local Economic Development
Internship municipality Municipality of Meppel

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