Earlier this year Pinkroccade held the annual appreciation survey among her clients. For every survey that was filled in, a donation was set aside for Talent for Governance.

Talent for Governance offers young, ambitious local government practitioners  working in developing and transtitional countries the change to attend a Talentprogramme (training, internship and networkingactivities). With this they can improve their knowledge and skills on topics like service delivery and citizen participation. During the programme they will learn from and exchange experiences with colleagues from all over the world and examine which implementation would suit the situation in their home country/municipality. This way they can really start to make a differnce for their communities!  

PinkRoccade Local Government contributes 3000 Euros to Talent for Governance. With this contribution Pinkroccade wants to support the strengthening of the living conditons of citizens and that of local governance worldwide.