You can make a difference for young local government practitioners and, more importantly, their communities!

Why support Talent for Governance?

  • Reliable local services, inclusive local policies and effective partnerships within local communities are crucial to achieve stability, promote sustainable development and increase the quality of life for citizens worldwide.
  • In many parts of the world, local civil servants work under difficult circumstances. Moreover, their organisations often lack qualified staff and financial resources needed to deal with these challenges.
  • There are young, ambitious civil servants that strive for better services and development of their local communities. Talent for Governance supports them by providing opportunities for knowledge exchange and training so that they can develop their skills and realise their ambitions.

If you donate a part of the costs of one Talent programme you will become friend of Talent for Governance.

To become partner of Talent for Governance, you fund the costs of one complete programme, in which case your organisation can earmark your donated funds and will profit from all kinds of benefits. Interested to hear about all the possibilities? Please contact us so we can discuss them more thoroughly.

Since The Hague Academy for Local Governance is recognised by the Dutch Tax Authorities as an organisation of public benefit, there are special tax benefits for donations. For more information about the tax concession for donations visit the site of the Dutch Tax Authorities on ANBI- organisations (in Dutch).

  • You can also transfer your donation directly to IBAN NL47ABNA0441782043, SWIFT/BIC ABNANL2, Talent for Governance, The Hague
  • Or if you prefer to use paypal to pay via creditcard please use this link.