Without the support of Dutch local governments providing internship placements and financial donations to the programme, it would not be possible to organise the talent programme.

What do we expect from the host municipality?

  • An interesting programme from Monday afternoon to Thursday afternoon based on a certain topic within the theme of good local governance.
  • Take care of accommodation and meals for the talent during his/her stay in the municipality.
  • A financial donation to support Talent for Governance.

What services does Talent for Governance offer the host municipality?

  • The selection of young ambitious municipal officers that deserve the title ‘talent’!
  • Development and organisation of the talent programme.
  • Provision of background information on the talent programme and the selected Talent.
  • Updates on the implementation of the Back Home Action Plans the talents develop during their programme in The Netherland.
  • Inspiring meetings and exchanges with a colleague from a totally different part of the world, a unique experience for all staff involved!

Since 2009 the following municipalities, provinces and water boards have cooperated in the talent programme:

Amstelveen, Apeldoorn, Assen, Bernheze, Delft, Drechterland, Drenthe (province), Gemert-Bakel, Groningen, Den Haag, Heerlen, Hoorn, Huizen, Leerdam, Medemblik, Meppel, Oostzaan, Over-Gemeenten, Oss, Smallingerland, Steenwijkerland, Reest en Wieden (water board), Rotterdam, Vechtstromen (water board), Westland, Wormerland and Zwolle.