Year of participation: 2010
Age: 31
Job description:Head of Economic and Tourism Development Department
Local government: Durrës Municipality
Country: Albania
Talent programme: Local Economic Development 
Internship municipality: Municipality of Drechterland

Experiences in The Netherlands
“I learnt a lot about background and work experience of training in the Local Economic Development course by the Hague Academy. I learnt about the stakeholder analysis, pivotal project management and innovation at the local level. Combining the interactive lectures with field visits and study cases made this experience like the best, precious and available I have ever had before. The training course was useful for my professional and academic experience, the knowledge gained in the training were new and updated with the situation of the municipality will be an good choice in the local economical development strategy improvement. The level was academic and professional and I got many ideas to implement in the near future to my Organization in benefit to my professional work and the Durres city citizens.”

“Sincerely the professional experience gained in the internship with the colleagues and civil servants in the Dutch Municipality of Drechterland was the most important experience I ever had in my professional background because of the new and best knowledge gained not only in the local economic development but also in the other local level policies developed according to the structure organization of the respective Municipality like the policies developed in the building housing, environment, social culture etc. Those have been an good example of the municipal policies to follow and implement in the future. The week long internship was the most valuable experience and I am very thankful about it.”

Back home action plan
“I want to implement the monitoring and controlling process of the existing Economic Development strategy and the improvement of the new one. Wishing for “an open mind” mentality of the Albanian Authorities, I would like to have much more collaboration with the host Dutch Municipality in the International affairs. I was inspired by their working and the way they increased and improved the capacity building and apply this to the Albanian municipalities civil servants.”

Update November 2011
“I am still working in Durres Municipality / Economic and Tourism Development Sector as the head of this sector . I am involved in the Development Policy Department as an International  contact point for Durres Municipality in the European Community found Programmes , such as IPA Adriatic CBC 2007- 2013 calls in project proposals , Transnational South East Europe Cooperation Programme , MED Programme ( Europe in the Mediterranean ) . For the moment i am involved also as a Project Manager of the project TUR.GRATE2 ( Integrated Action for Sustainable Tourism This project is implemented under the  IPA Adriatic CBC 2007-2013 programme , an programme funding by European Community and Durres Municipality . Durres Municipality is  an potential partner together with Cross- Border partners ( Italy , Greece , Montenegro etc )”

“I have shared the knowledge I gained with the rest of my department and other colleagues of my municipality. The way the staff of Municipality of Drechterland solved the problems, how they deal with business and tourism policies helped me in my daily work and in communication with the private and public sectors.”

“Durres Municipality staff and it’s Authorities taken the challenges to be partner or the Lead partners in International, trans boarder and transnational project proposals .  With the programme of EU ” Let’s Grow Up Together ” Durres Municipality capacities are going to take challenges in the International projects management with the EU standards and directives , more responsibilities decentralization and capacity strengthening in Local Governance.”