Year of participation: 2013
Age: 38
Occupation: PR officer
Local Government: City of Bijeljina
Country: Bosnia and Hercegovina
Talentprogramme: Local Economic Development
Internship municipality: Municipality of Meppel and Municipality of Steenwijkerland

My work for the city of Bijeljina
“My main duty is to edit the official web-page of the City, maintain regular communications with the citizens, prepare PR statements, newspaper articles and all other communications with the media.

Having in mind the importance of modern technologies in advancing possibilities for local economic development through the allocation of information, recommendations and tranfers of experiences, the City of Bijeljina has recently redesigned its website. One of my major tasks is to advance the site content with infomration which could rouse and move forward economic development and expansion of local trade and industry.”

Experiences in The Netherlands
“I’ve got some new ideas during the LED training course, but those ideas became much more concrete in combination with practical solutions that I have seen in the municipalities.”

“There are not enough nice words to describe my stay in municipalities Meppel and Steenwijkerland. Everything was perfect!”

“Experts and officers in municipalities were completely open and ready to answer all my questions and to show to me everything I wanted to see. The two mayors arranged meetings with me, I had opportunity to be present at one department meeting in the local administration (which was in the English language, just because of my presence!). They showed me the complete process of involving people and gave me a lot of useful information about city-marketing, attracting industrial zones for investments, functioning of communal enterprises…and so much more!”

Back – Home – Action plan
” I made a report about positive experiences from The Netherlands, with special attention on solving communal problems, tactics of involving citizens in life of local community, ways of using limited resources, sharing knowledge between different communities. My BHAP has become, I believe, much more successful after visiting the two municipalities.”