Year of participation: 2015
Age: 28
Occupation: Ward Administrator
Local Government: Glen View South Local Board, Harare
Country: Zimbabwe
Talent programme: Citizen Participation and Inclusive Government
Internship municipality: Municipality of Rotterdam

My work for Glen View South
As the Ward Administrator, I am responsible for:
assisting in the development of council policies and procedures and ensure they are put into practice, making sure that local services are delivered effectively. Assisting in the formulation, planning and monitoring of policies and procedures; coordinating the implementation of council decisions and circulating reports to those affected; providing support and guidance to the local committees; coordinating communication strategies, including publications and social networking sites; arranging and servicing meetings; researching, preparing and writing up reports and briefing papers;liaising with other council departments; liaising with external partners and agencies, including private and voluntary sector organizations, contractors and other local councils/authorities; managing and evaluating projects;coordinating and collecting data for external inspections, including evidence of compliance with legislation; working with members of the public, councillors and other stakeholders, presenting information at meetings when required; dealing with enquiries and giving advice; managing budgets and funding;

Experience in the Netherlands
It was very special to experience that during the training course we were with people from different nationalities and we had different cultural and religious backgrounds but still we found each other.

The internship was excellent. The good thing is I was given an opportunity to participate in the design of the internsip programme. I met experts in the waste management sector and the way waste is handled in Rotterdam gave me a new perspective to waste management. I was staying with nice people who really ensured that I will have a comfortable time.

Back-Home-Action Plan
I intend to carry out a project of garbage collection in Glen View South. The initiative is more or less the same as the Lets do it capaign in Estonia. The difference to my plan after the talent programme, is that I want to do it on a sustainable basis, once every month. The municipality will have to provide protective clothing like gloves, maskes, gumboots and also equipment like brooms, bins. The most important thing is to enlighten citizens that they are the biggest beneficiaries of the project. A clean environment is good for their health and it also prevents diseases. Citizens will guard against littering of the environment as they now know about the importance of a clean area.