Year of participation: 2011
Age: 34
Job description: Manager Capacity Building and Support
Local government: Cacadu District
Country: South Africa
Talent programme: Municipal Leadership and Management
Internship municipality: Province of Drenthe

 My work for Cacadu District
“The Cacadu district is located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. the province covers a very bif territory and inhabits 6,5 million people. It also includes the two big cities Nelson Mandela Bay ( Port Elisabeth) and Buffalo City ( East London). Cacadu District itself inhabits around 400.000 people. It is a very rural district. Only 2% of the area is urban.”

“The programme wil help me to get to know more about several issues which align with our key priorities (like capacity building and citizen participation).  I would like to obtain more skills in project management. this will help me during my daily job. In this way I can better support my community.”

Experiences in The Netherlands
“From the programme, the experts and other participants I have learned new insights in the field”