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Our mission and vision

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to strengthen democratic local governance worldwide. We do this by offering practice-oriented short courses and multi-annual training programmes for people involved in local governance. Our programmes support practitioners to enhance their awareness, knowledge and skills to act as change agents in their organisations and communities.


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In our view, good democratic local governance is:

Participatory and responsive

Accountable and transparent

Equitable and inclusive

Effective and efficient

Respectful of the rule of law and human rights

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The growing importance of the local level

The local level for most citizens is the first point of contact with the government. Moreover, in a well-functioning democracy, the local level offers a space for citizens where they can raise their concerns and participate in decision-making.

At the same time, due to worldwide decentralisation and urbanisation, local authorities play an increasing role in tackling global issues such as climate change, migration and social inequality.

Therefore, we believe that inclusive, sustainable development starts at the local level, with local authorities and citizens working constructively together.

The need for knowledge and skills

To develop and sustain good democratic local governance, well-functioning institutions at all government levels are needed. These institutions need leaders that demonstrate responsibility, are responsive to citizens’ needs and have a clear vision for the future. In addition, skilled professionals are needed that are able to deliver services to their community.

However, in many countries, governments lack the knowledge, experience and incentives to effectively manage public services and promote practices of democratic local governance. Moreover, citizens often lack the knowledge and skills needed to effectively engage with their governments and make their voices heard.

Our programmes enhance awareness, increase knowledge and strengthen the skills of these different groups. This helps them to promote practices of democratic local governance in their organisations and communities. 

Theory of Change

We believe that a stronger local democracy will lead to governments and citizens jointly promoting stability, sustainable socio-economic development and better public services. This will ultimately improve the quality of life of citizens worldwide.

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