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Every year, we provide practice-oriented training courses for local practitioners from around the world. Are you interested? Join our open courses!

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Fical Decentralisation and Local Finance course
Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Finance
How to design clear fiscal arrangements, increase local revenue and strengthen local financial capacity.
Course Inclusive Service Delivery & the SDGs
Inclusive Service Delivery & the SDGs
How to increase the quality of and access to services for all citizens.
Citizen Participation & Inclusive Governance course
Citizen Participation & Inclusive Governance
How to include the voices of all citizens in the policy process.
Urban Governance: Resilient and Smart Cities
Urban Governance: Resilient and Smart Cities
How to use smart data and innovative solutions to increase urban resilience.
Climate Adaptation & Local Resilience
Climate Adaptation & Local Resilience
How to build climate resilience and improve local response mechanisms of local authorities.
Migration and Local Authorities Course
Migration and Local Authorities
How to develop strategies to deal with the positive and negative impact of migration in local authorities.
Integrity & Anti-corruption course
Integrity & Anti-corruption
How to promote integrity, transparency and anti-corruption policies in government institutions.
Multilevel Water Governance Course
Multilevel Water Governance
How to create the financial, legal and administrative conditions for effective cooperation and management in the water sector.
Local Economic Development Course
Local Economic Development
How to develop a LED strategy and improve conditions for entrepreneurship and job creation.
Conflict Rule of Law and Local Security
Conflict, Rule of Law and Local Security
How to work on conflict prevention, security and social cohesion between different groups in society.
Gender Snippet
Gender Responsive Governance
How to promote gender mainstreaming and participation of women in local policies and service delivery.
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