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Internship Manicipality Oss62 copy
News 22 Sep 2023
Talent for Governance offers inspiration
Better street lighting, smart public parking, and better maintenance of public toilets in markets and recreational centres. These are just a few of...
Other 04 Sep 2023
The Case for Transitional Justice in Ukraine
The International Day of Peace celebrated on the 21st of September comes as a reminder to continue promoting peace and supporting justice in Ukrain...
Ahmed Khodair 2
Stories 04 Sep 2023
Working to Decentralise Egypt for Better Governance
In 2011, millions of Egyptians went to the streets to ask for more democracy. Since then, they have witnessed three different regimes and unfinishe...
Youth Lebanon protest
Blog 04 Sep 2023
The State of Democracy in Lebanon
The 15th of September is the International Day of Democracy. This time, we put the spotlight on Lebanon. Urban planner Sarah Saad works with youth ...
Blog 04 Sep 2023
Building Sustainable Cities in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is trying to redefine its economic, social, and urban fabric. Through a study trip to the Netherlands, Dr. Majed Mustafa Hallawani hop...
TMT_Shiraka Ecosystems_2022_SV_participants looking at turbine
Blog 05 Jul 2023
Fostering an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Algeria
Algeria is making strides in creating a vibrant economy of startups through a network of institutions and policies that foster entrepreneurship. Th...
1684320489439 copy
Other 05 Jul 2023
Raising our Ambition for Climate Resilience through Water Management
In the face of climate change and the increasing unpredictability of water, one thing is becoming evident: water management is more important than ...
News 05 Jul 2023
Egovernment strategies to improve social protection
Improved efficiency, better communication, more transparency and increased accessibility of government services are some of the many potential adva...
Stories 30 Jun 2023
Accessing Clean Water in Lagos through Multilevel Engagement
Adedayo Olubukola is an alumna of The Hague Academy’s Multilevel Water Governance cohort of 2022. Now back home, she shares with us her insights ...
TMT_Nuffic Ethiopia_2021_SV_views_streets copy
Blog 30 Jun 2023
A Support Network for Ethiopian Cities
Millions within Ethiopia have left their homes due to conflict, placing a strain on Ethiopian cities to support them. The situation in these alread...
We are Able Sudan 1
Blog 22 May 2023
How violence impacts our partners in Sudan
Hisham and Buthyna, our co-trainers in the ‘We Are Able!’-programme in Sudan, were caught by surprise by the sudden violence that broke out in ...
Stories 25 Apr 2023
Advancing Multilevel Migration Governance in Colombia
Having attended The Hague Academy’s Migration and Local Governance course, alumnus Juan Sebastián Barco López shares his insights on Colombia?...

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