Real development starts at the local level! Read from our inspiring alumni and the positive change they have brought to their local communities. 

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Stories 25 Apr 2023
Advancing Multilevel Migration Governance in Colombia
Having attended The Hague Academy’s Migration and Local Governance course, alumnus Juan Sebastián Barco López shares his insights on Colombia?...
Stories 06 Mar 2023
Tackling Basic Needs in Western Myanmar
Myanmar is in a humanitarian crisis. Now two years of political turmoil have forced over a million from their homes. Internally displaced persons a...
Stories 20 Dec 2022
Laying the Groundwork for Resilience in Guinea
Meet Alpha Ibrahim Bah, a high-level policymaker who wishes to make his country prepared for future climate upheaval. Join us as he strides to buil...
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Stories 27 Oct 2022
Localising Primary Healthcare in Bangladesh
Meet alumna Shoma Nurun Naher, Director of Health and Environment at the DASCOH Foundation in Bangladesh. A physician by profession, Shoma felt fru...
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Stories 06 Sep 2022
Stressing the Importance of Local Economic Development in Georgia
Meet alumna Salome Mekvabishvili, Head of the Strategic Development Department at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. S...
Stories 06 Jul 2022
Building Trust Through Accountability in Liberia
Samuel G. Ford is the Assistant Commissioner of Community Services at the Liberian National Police, an institution that has, for the past twenty ye...
Itani Dzebu
Stories 26 Apr 2022
Local Economic Growth for All in South Africa
Itani Albert Dzebu is a local economic development manager in Musina Local Municipality, South Africa. Every day, he is working on creating an envi...
Valentina Ospitia
Stories 01 Mar 2022
Smart City Practices in Cali
Santiago de Cali is a lively and bustling city in Colombia’s southwest. It has steadily grown to become one of the country’s leading cities and...
Bikhas Adihari
Stories 17 Dec 2021
Addressing Climate Vulnerability in the Himalayas
Dhankuta sits at the foothills of the Himalayas, in eastern Nepal. The town is the capital of Dhankuta District, a lush and biodiverse area that ra...
Stories 15 Dec 2021
Building Social Cohesion Amongst Refugees & Local Communities in Uganda
Fred Buzu Asi works as Community Services Officer at the Ministerial Department of Refugees in Uganda. His main responsibilities are to ensure peac...
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Stories 01 Sep 2021
The Road to Local Fiscal Autonomy in Mali
Issiaka Bôh Magassa is a technical advisor at the Regional Development Agency of Kayes, in Mali. In 2021, he joined our Fiscal Decentralisation &#...
Snippet Said Indonesia
Stories 19 Apr 2021
The Journey to Peace in Aceh
To sustain peace in Aceh, Indonesia, Said Achmad Kabiru wants to address inequalities amongst youth by supporting economic recovery and entrepreneu...

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