Real development starts at the local level! Read from our inspiring alumni and the positive change they have brought to their local communities. 

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Bikhas Adihari
Story Stories 17 Dec 2021
Addressing Climate Vulnerability in the Himalayas
Dhankuta sits at the foothills of the Himalayas, in eastern Nepal. The town is the capital of Dhankuta District, a lush and biodiverse area that ra...
Story Stories 15 Dec 2021
Building Social Cohesion Amongst Refugees & Local Communities in Uganda
Fred Buzu Asi works as Community Services Officer at the Ministerial Department of Refugees in Uganda. His main responsibilities are to ensure peac...
Alumni Story Snippet
Story Stories 01 Sep 2021
The Road to Local Fiscal Autonomy in Mali
Issiaka Bôh Magassa is a technical advisor at the Regional Development Agency of Kayes, in Mali. In 2021, he joined our Fiscal Decentralisation &#...
Snippet Said Indonesia
Story Stories 19 Apr 2021
The journey to peace in Aceh
To sustain peace in Aceh, Indonesia, Said Achmad Kabiru wants to address inequalities amongst youth by supporting economic recovery and entrepreneu...
Tshering Lhamo snippet
Story Stories 24 Feb 2021
Strengthening Water Governance in Water Abundant Bhutan
“Planners and policy makers need to gear towards sustainable planning to ensure that future generations have access to clean water”, says T...
Orlando Fusco
Story Stories 03 Dec 2020
Supporting decentralisation in Albania
Over the last 30 years, Albania has transitioned into a democratic society, putting new policies in place, building democratic institutions and mak...
Story Stories 16 Sep 2020
Tackling illegal gratuity in Indonesia
Anjas Prasetiyo is the team Leader of the Gratuity Control Programme, at the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). In Indonesia, corr...
Story Stories 16 Sep 2020
Leading change through policy making
The ongoing conflict in Afghanistan inspired Mustafa Aryan to apply for an Orange Knowledge scholarship to follow a training at The Hague Academy f...
snippet 1
Story Stories 27 May 2020
From training in The Hague to influencing national policies in Colombia
Our programmes aim to develop our participants’ knowledge and skills to act as change agents. We often hear back from our alumni, who share i...
Mousa alumni
Story Stories 09 Mar 2020
Alumni stories: Mousa Alhlaihl
Water. Inspiration. Know-how. Expertise. These are words that continuously cross the minds of our ‘Shiraka: Water Management’ participants. The...

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