The Hague Academy aims to strenghten local governance by organising open courses and other training projects on the following topics:

Local service delivery:
Increase the quality of and access to services for all citizens

Decentralisation & Inter-administrative relations:
Enhace effective cooperation between different levels of government

Fiscal decentralisation & local finance:
Increase local financial capacities by fiscal arrangements and local revenu generation

Gender responsiveness:
Work on gender mainstreaming and participation of women in local policies and service delivery

Leadership & municipal management:
Improve skills to create a shared vision, communicate with stakeholders and manage the municipal organisation

Multilevel water governance:
Create financial, legal and administrative conditions for effective cooperation in the water sector

Integrity & anti-corruption:
Promote integrity, transparency and anti-corruption measures of government institutions

Disaster management & resilience:
Build resilience and improve local response mechanisms of local authorities

Citizen Participation & inclusive governance:
Include voices of all citizens in the policy process

Subnational conflict & peacebuilding:
Work on conflict prevention and social cohesion between different groups in society

Local economic development:
Develop a LED-strategy and improve conditions for entrepreneurship and job creation

Lobby & advocacy:
Increase capacities to influence decision making

Human rights & rule of law:
Promote access to justice and protect minorities and vulnerable groups

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