Dayana Al Alam

Programme Manager/trainer


Dayana is a programme manager and trainer in urban and environmental local governance. Her specific area of interest and expertise lies in inclusive and participatory approaches, and in citizens’ self-organised activities. She was born and raised in Lebanon and has been living in the Netherlands since 2013. She speaks Arabic, English, and French fluently, and has a good understanding of Dutch. At The Hague Academy, she designs, delivers, facilitates, and manages trainings on good governance, urban development, climate change adaptation and water governance. She has also coordinated several Shiraka programmes since 2016. Her regional focus is the Middle East and North Africa, together with Bhutan. Dayana has three master’s degrees: a Master’s of Science in Architecture from the Lebanese University, a Research Master’s in Architecture and Landscape Science from the Lebanese Doctoral School of Science and Technology, and one in Urban Management and Development from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Dayana has worked at urban planning and architecture firms; she has also published academic papers and, prior to joining The Hague Academy, she conducted research on self-organisation and migration.

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