Kelly Buis

Programme Manager/Trainer


Kelly Buis is a conflict analyst working on conflict, local security, integrity promotion, leadership and inclusive governance in conflict-affected and fragile settings. At The Hague Academy, she is involved in the design, management and delivery of (online) trainings in the multi-annual programmes on Women, Peace and Security, MATRA Rule of Law and MATRA Integrity and Good Governance in Ukraine and the short-term course on Conflict, Security and Rule of Law. Her regional focus is the MENA region and Eastern Europe. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations with a focus on the MENA region, she earned a Master’s Degree in Conflict Studies and Human Rights from Utrecht University. For her thesis, she conducted field research in Lebanon to understand the effects of post-conflict reconciliation initiatives on youth. Prior to joining The Hague Academy, she served as a programme coordinator for a Dutch organisation focused on community development. Kelly has academic experience in Turkey, work experience in Lebanon and the Netherlands and extensive programmatic experience in and on Tunisia, Jordan, Morocco, Ukraine and Yemen. A thought that sparks her imagination? “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”

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