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Urban Governance and Local Development

In 2019, The Hague Academy for Local Governance, in cooperation with VNGI, developed and delivered a five-day study visit and a five-day training on urban governance and local development, for civil servants undertaking a master programme at King Saud University (KSU). 

Main goals

The project aimed to enhance the capacities of local institutions for efficient and inclusive urban governance and local development, monitoring the application of related laws and regulations in Saudi Arabia. 


  • Strengthen the capacity of the participants in the design of urban planning and the support of local development, analysis and reporting on policy implementation related to these themes implemented by local governments in Saudi Arabia;
  • Strengthen cross-sector partnerships by setting local expert groups-platforms and local government and public institutions in order to improve implementation of urban governance and local development on the local level; and
  • Foster structured dialogue between local authorities, citizens, entrepreneurs, national authorities and international experts CSOs, and assist to design and promote new mechanisms for monitoring policies in the field of urban governance and local development.


21 master students from King Saud University were trained on urban governance and local development. They were accompanied by three professors from King Saud University. The training improved the ability of the 21 participants to assess, design and evaluate urban policies. This was translated into Back-Home Action Plans developed in their last week of training.

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