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Our Approach and Topics

The Academy offers practice-oriented training programmes designed by and for people working in local governance. We believe in an innovative, interactive and inclusive approach to education and training. 

Each training programme includes:

  • Thoroughly-developed, interdisciplinary curriculum focused on the training needs of course participants and their respective local contexts;
  • Multiple visits to project sites and private and public sector organisations relevant to each training topic;
  • Skills development exercises such as role play, game simulations, and interactive theatre;
  • Reflective discussions with academics, field practitioners and citizen experts to better understand the impact of local government policies on communities;
  • Cross-linking lessons learned and best practices to convert theory into practice, especially in the context of the participants’ home countries.

Most importantly, by joining our training programmes, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to act as change agents in your communities. Our training courses will help you contribute to inclusive governance processes focused on stability, better public services and socio-economic development.

Our Topics

The Hague Academy delivers open courses and training projects on the following topics:

Local Service Delivery:
Increase the quality of and access to services for all citizens.

Decentralisation & Inter-administrative Relations:
Enhance effective cooperation between different levels of government.

Fiscal Decentralisation & Local Finance:
Increase local financial capacities by fiscal arrangements and local revenue generation.

Gender Responsiveness:
Work on gender mainstreaming and participation of women in local policies and service delivery.

Leadership & Municipal Management:
Improve skills to create a shared vision, communicate with stakeholders and manage the municipal organisation.

Multilevel Water Governance:
Create financial, legal and administrative conditions for effective cooperation in the water sector.

Integrity & Anti-corruption:
Promote integrity, transparency and anti-corruption measures of government institutions.

Disaster Management & Climate Resilience:
Build resilience and improve local response mechanisms of local authorities.

Citizen Participation & Inclusive Governance:
Include voices of all citizens in the policy process.

Subnational Conflict & Peacebuilding:
Work on conflict prevention and social cohesion between different groups in society.

Local Economic Development:
Develop a LED-strategy and improve conditions for entrepreneurship and job creation.

Lobby & Advocacy:
Increase capacities to influence decision making.

Human Rights & the Rule of Law:
Promote access to justice and protect minorities and vulnerable groups.

our topics

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