Dutch internship municipalities

Participating in Talent for Governance means inspiring meetings and exchanges with a municipal colleague from a totally different part of the world. This is a unique experience for all staff involved!

What do we expect from you as a host municipality?

  • A three-day internship programme from Monday afternoon to Thursday afternoon around a relevant topic, showing the practice in your municipality.
  • Accommodation and meals for the Talent during the three-day internship in the municipality.
  • A financial donation to support Talent for Governance.

How does The Hague Academy support you?

  • We select the young and ambitious officers that deserve the title ‘talent’!
  • We provide background information on the Talent-programme and the selected Talent.
  • We discuss with you the content of the internship programme, to see how it fits best with the ideas of both the Talent and your municipality.
  • We keep you updated about the implementation of the ‘Back Home Action Plan’ that the Talent develops during the training in The Netherlands and implements back home.

“Thanks to the questions from our foreign municipal colleagues, our staff has broadened their horizons and learned to look at their own work from a different perspective. This has been an enriching experience”, says Samir  Bashara, vice-mayor of the municipality of Hoorn. 

Since 2009 the following municipalities, provinces and local water authorities have cooperated in the Talent programme:

Amstelveen, Apeldoorn, Assen, Bernheze, Delft, Drechterland, Drenthe (province), Gemert-Bakel, Groningen, Den Haag, Heerlen, Hoorn, Huizen, Leerdam, Medemblik, Meppel, Oostzaan, Over-Gemeenten, Oss, Smallingerland, Steenwijkerland, Reest en Wieden (water authority), Rotterdam, Vechtstromen (water authority), Westland, Wormerland and Zwolle.

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