Adnan Mahmood Awan

My work for Karachi East District
“I am currently working as Assistant Commissioner/Town Municipal Officer of Jamshed Quarters Sub-Division of District Karachi East. My responsibilities include general administration of the subdivision, planning and implementation of development schemes mostly in the field of health, education and civic amenities.”

“For the past two years, I have been working in the field of local governance. I always wanted to make a difference and for that, I initiated my career from the most backward and under-served rural area of Sindh; Chachro, Sub Division of District Tharparkar. I have also worked and am currently working in the urban area of District East of city Karachi. I expected better conditions in the urban district. There are ample educational and health facilities available in Karachi. Economic activity is ongoing in the district. However, poverty is rampant among women of marginalised localities. If these women are supported and given the right skills they can contribute a lot to local economic development.”

Experiences in The Netherlands:
“During the course, I especially appreciated the topic of ‘LED in resource-rich areas. This topic, especially in rural areas, and in (post)conflict situations was very much applicable to the challenges faced by us in Pakistan. Many new ideas were presented during the presentations from the experts and during the field visits. In addition, the other participants also presented many ideas from all over the world.”

“My visit to the city of Rotterdam was good and informative. Among others, I visited RDM (research and Development) and the Rotterdam Investment Agency, which were both very interesting.”

Back-Home-Action Plan:
The Establishment of a Woman Literacy and Vocational Training Center. In this regard, many progress has already been made (update February 2014)

Year of participation 2013
Age 32
Occupation Assistant commissioner/ Town municipal officer
Local Government Karachi East District
Country Pakistan
Talent programme Local Economic Development
Internship municipality Municipality of Rotterdam

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