Andaleeb Khan

My work for Kwazulu Natal province
“I am one of the eight females working in senior management (about 36% of all management) in Kwazulu Natal department of public works.
My organisation is a provincial government department which is the custodian of all state-owned land: n addition my department acts as an implementing agent for other client departments e.g. Health, Education, in order to assist them with their infrastructure and property-related requirements, so that they may achieve their core objectives and ensure service delivery.”

Experience in the Netherlands
“The training course provided valuable global insights and empirical evidence on why women’s issues affect everybody, and why female empowerment impacts on society as a whole, and how the participation of women actually leads to a more productive society.”

“The internship was extremely insightful, as it provided me with diverse views of the topic at hand. The schedule was intensive but stimulating, as one never felt bored: there was always the next appointment to rush off to! The stay with my host family was wonderful: they were extremely hospitable and welcoming, and I felt at ease and comfortable in their home!”

Back-Home-Action Plan
We already have a policy and committee regarding Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment, and I hope to use the insights and experiences gained on the programme to champion the implementation of one of the principles (namely Gender Mainstreaming) within my organisation.

If successful, the following benefits are envisaged:
1. Female employees will benefit from working in an environment that is attuned to gender responsiveness and in line with their needs;
2. The organisation will reap rewards and will serve as an example of other government departments;
3. The women in my province will benefit, as service delivery programmes will be gender mainstreamed and focused on economic empowerment and development of women; and
4. the Department’s actions will serve as a motivation to females in our province;

Year of participation 2014
Age 31
Occupation Senior manager legal services
Local Government Kwazulu-Natal Department of Public Works (Durban)
Country South Africa
Talent programme Gender Mainstreaming and Female Leadership’
Internship municipality Municipality of Hoorn

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