Sylvia Solís Lopéz

My work for Ecatepec de Morelos

“Official documents state that the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos counts 1.7 million inhabitants. However, a more realistic estimate of the population would be around 2.5 million. The problem arising from this discrepancy is obvious: a structural lack of financial resources to tackle problems like overpopulation, poverty, insecurity, lack of water and decaying buildings.”

“But this won’t get me down. In my work for the municipality, I develop social programs for vulnerable groups like street children, teenage mothers and abused women. I also implement these programmes. Recently there was a writing workshop for women in prison: the autobiographies they wrote will be published next July.”

“For my country to recover socially and economically, we have to start at a local level. Municipalities know best the needs of their inhabitants. At the moment there is still a huge lack of good governance, training budgets and knowledge among civil servants”.

“So far, perseverance is my solution against the shortage of economic and human resources. But now the Talent for Governance Network could very well be the best way to get access to the know-how of local governance all over the world.”

“Mexico has almost 2500 municipalities. If each one could be governed with good technical assistance and professional expertise, maybe then poverty and inequality could be overcome. Professional practical training is crucial to bring up these experts!’

Update (2012)
“Unfortunately Sylvia has lost her job at the municipality shortly before she attended the programme, this was due to a political change in the government after the local elections. She intended however to find work within her field of expertise to still be able to service the people. We have been trying to contact her for some time now to request an update, but unfortunately have not been successful. We are of course very curious about what she is doing now!”

Year of participation 2009
Age 28
Job description Deputy-Director of Attention to Vulnerable Groups
Local government Municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos
Country Mexico
Talent programme Citizen Participation
Internship municipality Municipality of Bernheze

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