Year of participation: 2012
Age: 33
Job description: Statistical Officer
Local government: Kadjebi District
Country: Ghana
Talent programme: Local Economic Development
Internship municipality: Province of Drenthe

My work for Kadjebi
“Currently (2012) , I am an assistant Chief Technical Officer and District Statistical Officer stationed in a typically rural district being Kadjebi District Assembly in the nothern part of the Volta region of Ghana.”

“My vision for Kadjebi would be to see my local area transformed from peasant farming peasant farming and petty trading to commercialized agriculture thus agriculture treated as a business as well as technologically enhanced local businesses, not buying and selling.  In short, to make Kadjebi local economy largely industrialised by 2020.”

Experiences in The Netherlands
“The choices of some of  the technical experts in the training course were amazing as they had real practical experience with the topic areas which they shared in all presentations and also carved cases for analyses.”

“The usefulness of the internship experience in the programme cannot be underestimated though. The interactions were very practical and for instance at the financial department they took the time to demonstrate all processes!”

“Further more, we also agreed to further networking beyond this internship!”

Back-Home-Action plan
“On my return I will share my experiences within the district assembly. I have formed some ideas to accomodate growth and strenthen the rice sector. To be open for ideas from the sector and to take a leading role.”

“Unlike previous instances where we resorted to hire external experts, my own newfound knowledge will be a added advantage for the district.”