Year of participation: 2015
Age: 27
Occupation: Development Officer
Local Government: Parepare municipality
Country: Indonesia
Talent programme: Citizen Participation and Inclusive Government
Internship municipality: Municipality of Hoorn

My work for Parepare municipality
I work as a development officer in the department of Agriculture at Parepare municipality. In my work, I am responsible for the general administration of the sub division planning and for the implementation of the employee development. I also provide support services for local farmers.

Experience in the Netherlands
During the training course I’ve learned that we have to involve citizen from the first. Make them as your partner. Communicate with them.
And best service not only about equality but also about equity, feedback, and sustainability.

My first impression from the intership week is about Hoorn’ Major. Everyone in Hoorn respect him because he is a good man. Not because his position. He has a very clear vision about Hoorn. Then, my host in Hoorn. Fantastic. I have a new family now.

In Hoorn, I’ve learned a lot. A very long list. But the main points are communication and team work. They thaugh me that my back home action plan is not about me. You can’t do it alone. You must communicate with your colleagues, your community. Listen and learn each other. Help each other.

Back-Home-Action Plan
The four most important subjects which I  focused on during the talent programme were:
1. How to change the public’s perception about minorities issue in their communities;
2. How agriculture can be a part of society and a tool which brings communities together;
3. How local government can stimulate and develop citizen participation;
4. How strategies, initiatives, and policies of Dutch Municipalities as an inclusive governance and borrow their model that suitable for Parepare Municipality.

I changed my back home action plan during the course. I though about our project which not worked very well. I understand now, the biggest mistake is that we (my Department) never asked our community what they really want from us. So, I want to restart again this  project and I hope my new approach which I’ve gained during my course will success involve them.