Course introduction

How can local authorities improve the representation and impact of women at municipal level? How can they develop an inclusive vision for their municipality and make it reality? What leadership skills are needed to realise these ambitions? These and other questions will be addressed during the course on gender and female leadership.

The course discusses the three core dimensions for good leadership by local authorities: developing a vision, managing services and communicating with internal and external stakeholders. It will be argued that optimal results are achieved when women are involved in all three dimensions, be it in their role as leaders, employees, local partners or citizens. There are, however, several challenges to deal with. Many local government institutions are faced with limited human and financial resources, and in some cases legislation and cultural norms can hinder women’s participation and leadership role.

Taking into account the local circumstances, participants together with international experts, will explore the leadership conditions that are necessary for inclusive development. They will receive different tools to realise their leadership ambitions. Topics that will be addressed are the development of organisational and human resources, the use of financial management systems, gender planning and budgeting, evaluation tools and performance based management. In addition, personal leadership skills will be addressed and practiced, such as motivating teams and giving clear directions, negotiation skills, lobbying and public speaking.

Learning objectives

This course aims to:

  • Increase your knowledge about gender concepts and tools for gender mainstreaming for including gender in the development strategy for your organisation and community;
  • Deepen your insight in female leadership issues by discussing best practices and meetings with female professionals in leadership positions;
  • Provide practical tools and approaches for: mobilising relevant stakeholders while recognising the importance of female involvement in policy and decision-making, providing gender sensitive leadership for municipal staff, and strengthening female confidence for a more effective service delivery;
  • Strengthen your personal leadership skills and develop different leadership styles.

After successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate of The Hague Academy for Local Governance.

This training course is interesting for

The course is designed for (potential) leaders, working at the local level who are interested in promoting inclusive development with a special focus on the position of women, and who wish to develop their personal leadership skills.

Practical information

The course fee is € 2.890,-. This includes all training-related costs as well as drinks and lunches, training materials and travel during the training. The course language is English. The deadline for the application is 31 January, 2014! If you have questions or if you are interested in a tailor made course can contact us at: , or +31-70-3738695.

Application Procedure

Please see the application procedure page for more information and the online application form.

NFP (Nuffic) fellowship

The Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education (NUFFIC) offers the opportunity to apply for a fellowship for this training course, as part of the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) for short courses. To see if you are eligible for a fellowship and to learn more about the rules and regulations regarding the fellowship, please see The deadline to apply for a NFP fellowship for this course has passed.