Orange Knowledge Programme 

The Orange Knowledge Programme is a Dutch global development programme. The programme was kicked off mid-2017 for 5 years and involves 38 countries.

The objective of the Orange Knowledge Programme is to contribute to society’s sustainable and inclusive development by strengthening the skills and knowledge of both individuals, groups of individuals and organisations.

The key priorities for the programme are Food and nutrition security, Water, energy and climate, Sexual and reproductive health and rights, and Security and the rule of law. Cross-cutting themes relevant to all activities of the programme include Private Sector Development, Climate, and Gender and Inclusive Development (with specific attention to marginalised and discriminated groups). For more information about OKP Scholarships and the priority themes per country, please click here.


Due to the current international situation with COVID-19, the Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme is currently under revision. We expect that a series of changes will be implemented, which could include a.o. a shift in key focus areas, adjusted deadlines etc. We advise you to proceed with your application according to the procedure on the scholarship page. Once we have more information, we will update you regarding the new programme conditions. We are not in a position to provide a deadline but all completed applications will be informed. The MENA Scholarship Programme remains unchanged.

MENA Scholarship Programme 

The MENA Scholarship Programme aims to contribute to the democratic transition in one of the 10 participating countries in the Middle East and North Africa region. It also seeks to build capacity within organisations by enabling employees (45 years and younger) to participate in short courses in various fields of study. For more information about the MENA Scholarship Programme, please click here.

(Applicants from Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon are eligible for both OKP and MSP Scholarships. If you are 45 years or younger then we recommend you apply for the MSP Scholarship.)